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TT4YOU Guide

>Client setting
This is a place where you can select conversation acceptance, bell tone, ring tone, audio, video and much more.
When you setup by gender and by age, the matching conversation request only will be accepted.
>Audio setup
Audio setting Wizard is the program that helps to check the user's microphone, speakers and installation.
Click "Audio" from settings and check your audio equipment by following the instructions n the Wizard.
You should use the microphone close to your mouth, no more than 7~13cm.
When using speakers, not the headset, echoing may result when placed near the microphone.Set speakers far from microphone.
This is where you choose the drivers of the speakers and the microphone.
If you have no special demands, chose the basic driver.
Click "Speakers Test" to check if you can hear properly.
Adjust the speakers volume as you please.
Place the microphone close to your mouth, and speak as you normally would.
If the graph shows colors, the microphone is working.
Also check if your voice is heard clearly in the earphone(speakers).
Adjust the microphone volume accordingly.
Audio check-up and setting has been complete.
After this procedure, if your partner can't hear you or other problems occur, refer to Help.
>Video setting
Video setting wizard helps you to check your web camera and to install it.
Click "Video" from setting and check your video setting by following the instructions below.
This is to choose the camera installed. Choose installed web camera.
Choose the resolution of your web camera. TT4You recommends a resolution of 160X120.
A computer lock may occur as the pixel size grows.
You can check if the web camera is working well.
If it does not work, refer to User guide>Guide for first users
Video set up wizard is complete. End wizard and start TT4YOU.
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