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About TT4YOU?

So you got the books, you got the tapes, you even took the time to attend a foreign language course.Your busy schedule just got busier. You stick it out and soon enough your comprehension of the language gets better. So does your vocabulary and your writing skills.Yet, like so many other students of a foreign language, you realize that your conversation skills are lagging behind.To develop skills you need to practice and conversation skills are no exception. However, depending on where you live, the free time at your disposal, your personality, finding a suitable partner to practice conversation with is not always easy. At TT4You we strive to make it easy for you.Do you have little or no chance of speaking in the foreign language you have always wanted to master? If your answer to the above question is "yes", log on to TT4You. Here you are sure to find someone to talk to in the language of your choice.Your conversation partners will be speaking your desired language as their mother tongue, and they will help you in improving your language skills. Through TT4You you will be able to practice the foreign language of your choice at your own pace. Also you will be able to reach your areas of interest in other languages.Moreover, unlike a formal education system, the TT4You system is designed to enable you to experience real life language, slang, idioms and much more.

>This service is best suited for students whose language skills are at an intermediate or higher level.
If you feel you have advanced to a level where basic conversation in a foreign language is within your comfort zone, this service is for you.
Ready for the next step? Log on now and enjoy!
>The most important thing is to find a conversation partner that suits your needs.
What you need to keep in mind while looking for a conversation partner is to focus on similar interests.
This is because if you and your partner have different interests, you will not have enough in common for the conversation to proceed smoothly.
>Prepare in advance. Some simple greetings, a self introduction, can go a long way in ensuring a successful conversation.
Decide in advance the topics you might want to bring into the conversation so that you and your partner will waste no time trying to decide what to talk about.
>Be confident, and speak loudly and clearly.
Your conversation partners are aware of your difficulties and will do their best to correct and help you improve your speaking skills.
If you have trouble understanding because they speak too fast ask them to slow down. Do not be afraid to interrupt and ask questions at any time during the conversation.
If you so wish, you can choose to help the members who want to practice your mother tongue.
That way, you can have financial advantages while practicing your second language.
If helping others learn a foreign language is something you may wish to do, read the below explanations on Assistants.
* Here you can find information about 2 things *
First is that you can practice another language, second is that you can help others practice your mother tongue.
>What's an Assistant?
You will become an Assistant, when you help the conversation requesting members with your mother tongue.
Assistant, in other words, is a helper who takes calls in his/her mother tongue.
When a certain level (Refer to TT-point operation policy) is satisfied, a TT-point is saved, and it can be used as your TT-cash.
>You are not a teacher? No problem!
Don't even try to be like a language teacher.
All you need to do is be yourself and help the person who requests conversation speak like you would in any other normal situation.
Member with similar interests as you will contact you. Within those common interests you and your partner are sure to find a topic that will lead to a fruitful conversation.
>Slowly and, as much as possible, clearly use the standard language.
Always keep in mind that your partner is trying to learn your mother tongue, so speak slowly and clearly.
If they don't understand you, repeat patiently as many times as necessary.
As much as possible, refrain from using slang and regionalisms, and use clear pronunciation in standard language unless otherwise requested.
>Use the tools provided
Various tools like Video chatting, Text chatting, File sharing, Web-page sharing, etc are provided. If needed, the tools can be used freely during the conversation.
>Inappropriate Behavior
There are times where the users are rude or manifest bad intentions. Also, there is the possibility of some users requesting sexual conversation.
In this case, shut off those users and report to the manager immediately.
At TT4You we try our best to provide all members with a sound, pleasant environment for effective conversation.
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